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Connie of Prospit
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Your name is CONNIE. You also respond to COCO, FALLING, WISH, and HEY YOU.

You have a number of INTERESTS, many of which distract you from doing your SCHOOL WORK. You have a passion for DRAWING, and have been doing so for most of your life. You also enjoy reading novels of the FANTASY GENRE, as well as MOST MANGAS. You're also a follower of the webcomic HOMESTUCK. You have a rather WILD IMAGINATION that DOESN'T ALWAYS MAKE SENSE, and often go into DAYDREAMS at random. But you're okay with that.

What will you do?

==> Go to your art tumblr.
==> Go to your personal tumblr.
==> Browse your gallery.

-- fallingWish [FW] began pestering randomDeviant [RD] at 10:15 --

FW: if you're looking to rp with me just shoot a note or a comment or something at me and we can get started
FW: preferably in notes, but i can do skype and comments and chat rooms too
FW: uh current rp groups that i'm in:
FW: :icondream-agency: [Yumi]
FW: :iconnowherestation: [Elisha]
FW: :iconholiday-town: [Bryce]
FW: :icondechimula-yenuus: [Cleopatra]
FW: :iconbellum-mundorum: [Sith]
FW: groups I used to be a part of: :icontoy-store::iconzodiac-of-astrum::iconavaloncore::iconpandoras-toybox::icondistorted-town:
FW: yeah
FW: have a fantastical day! : )

-- fallingWish [FW] stopped pestering randomDeviant [RD] at 10:20 --
  • Listening to: Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Waters Apocalypse
  • Reading: Paradise Lost
  • Watching: Dad! Where Are We Going?
  • Eating: your soul
  • Drinking: the blood of my enemies
Tagged by :icondrayleanvros1024:~
I'm gonna tag uHHH :iconowlily::iconshadowstar::iconkimikiwi48::iconlosttidelover::iconchosenofkagami: If you guys feel like doing it?
(If I tagged you and that's why you're looking at this journal, you don't necessarily have to do this! <3)
Sorry about how long this journal is! I tried keeping it short but I like my OCs a little too much OTL

I went backwards through the tagged journals to figure out what this was and I guess just a wishlist of things you want, whether it's art or actual stuff???? And then you tag people and see what they want????? Idk man I just like making journals.

I'd feel bad asking for material things so a journal/tumblr post feature would be super cool (my art tumblr is sweetcandyholic if you want to link to that too). I also have miscellaneous stuff in 'do-want' tag if you're super determined????

But all I really want is stuff (art, writing, whatever) with my OCs because they are my babies and I love them all:
  • wanna make me a tiny pixel? yes please I will love you forever
  • wanna make cute art of them? yes please I will love you forever
  • wanna draw them in cool outfits? yes please I will love you forever (link goes to my 'fashion' tag on tumblr if you need inspiration)
  • wanna draw them with your OCs? yes please I will love you forever
  • wanna write a short story about them? yes please I will love you forever
  • wanna make a list of headcannons about what they'd do? yes please I will love you forever
  • wanna embarrass the hell out of them? yes please I will love you forever
  • wanna make them sad and cry? yes please I will love you forever (and come at you with the ferocity of a protective mother hen)
  • wanna put them in AUs or different universes? (i.e. if they'd were part of Fairy Tail) yes please I will love you forever
  • wanna switch their personalities with one of your OCs? yes please I will love you forever
Basically I will love you forever no matter what you do with them


Here's a list of all my OCs that I'd love to see you do stuff with:

  • Lexi and RuRu - color by Falling-Wish Lexi and RuRu are very precious to me, though I haven't paid as much attention to them recently as I should. There's a short description about Lexi's world in the folder link. They both change clothes whenever they switch worlds to fit in with the world they visit, but it's usually long sleeved and pretty covering to a certain degree to prevent contact with the Inks. I'll draw a better picture/redesigns someday in the future OTL
  • Toy Store APP - Momo by Falling-Wish Momo was the first OC I created for a role play group. I have a redesign of her somewhere that I still need to finish and upload haha.
  • Dream-Agency: Yumi by Falling-Wish Yumi Yamanaka is my ghost baby OUO She has both traditional Japanese wear and "modern" clothes in her closet, so it doesn't really matter what you draw her in as long as she's covered up. Most of her clothes go down to her wrists, and she prefers wearing dresses/skirts that go down to at least past her knee. 
  • NS - Elisha Ryan by Falling-Wish Elisha Ryan makes most of her own clothes, but her skill level is high enough that it looks professionally made. She does her best to keep her side of their room neat and tidy, but her sewing supplies always seem to create a mess. Her roommate on the train is Lillian Rose! : )
  • Avalon Core: Tian Yu by Falling-Wish Tian Yu Wang is the chara I created for Avalon Core, though the group died out as soon as I joined OTL Go ahead and put him in whatever clothes you want, not necessarily the ones he's wearing there cause that was his uniform for the group. He doesn't have a particular preference in clothing, but he spent his entire childhood in semi-formal attire and then much of his teenage years in what was close to rags, so he's not very picky at this point as long as it's comfortable and he can move easily.
  • HT: Cyber Monday by Falling-Wish Bryce Maydon is my personification of Cyber Monday. They wear lots of oversized clothing and never buy anything at full price. A lot of their clothing consists of cheesy/exaggerated Christmas sweaters.
  • DY - Cleopatra Allegri by Falling-Wish Cleopatra Allegri is the Caesar of the Southern Kingdom of Gallardius. The clothing style (and everything, really) is very ancient Roman/Greek/Egyptian-based. You can read more here.
  • BM - Sith Fiore by Falling-Wish Sith Fiore is the assistant leader of the C-Green Team at CAST, serving under the oh-so-lovely Miss Tula. He doesn't have much clothing-wise, but likes tops with hoods on them.

You can also draw me anything from my fandoms, which you can find a general list of my fandoms from tumblr.

To all my followers who are reading this journal: what's on your wishlist for this Christmas?

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